A “Normal” Sunday Morning at Elwood Naz!

Hello! We would love to have you visit our church! This page is to help you know what to expect when you come for our Sunday Morning service.

For directions, please go to the contact page of this site.


You can park on the street in front of the church and alongside it. There’s also parking behind the church accessed from the alley. Just drive up North 18th Street to the back of the church and there is an alley. Turn right towards the church and you will see pavement to park on. The back has a ramp if stairs are difficult (or boring; kids tend to like the ramp!).


If you come in the front doors you will come into a small entryway. Straight ahead will be the sanctuary where we have our service. To the right, will be a stairway that goes to the kids area. There’s a unisex restroom in the sanctuary to the right as you walk in. The kids area also has one Men’s and one Women’s restroom (once children’s church starts we ask that adults only use the upstairs).

If you come in the back door (that’s where the ramp is), there’s an entryway with a doorway straight ahead. That doorway leads to the sanctuary. As you walk through the doorway, it opens to a “side room” but the sanctuary is there on the right.


Kids are more than welcome here! Right now we are in transition with our Kids ministry. More details to come!

The Service

The service starts at 10:30am and goes until about 11:30am. We try to be done before 11:30am but it usually ends right around that time. You will see the Pastor dressed in suit and tie or in a nice shirt with cargo shorts. But people that come will dress in a t-shirt and jeans, or in suit and tie and nice dresses, or anything in between!

Our service is laid back in the sense that we are happy to have the kids make a little noise and play. We sing hymns with someone playing the piano. We begin with singing the “Doxology” (a short hymn). Then Pastor comes and welcomes everyone. After the “welcome,” we sing some songs. The Pastor then talks about how a portion of the Bible and how it applies to our lives today. The Pastor wants you to understand the biblical truth and be changed by Holy Spirit working in your life. To end the service, the Pastor prays and gives a blessing before dismissing everyone.

If you would still like more information please go to the contact page and call or email us! We would love to help you!