One of our main emphasis at our church is helping people grow in their relationship with God. We do so by having thoughtful discussion about God’s word (the Bible). We do this at two times during the week.

Sunday School

First, Sunday morning at 9:30am we meet for Sunday School. During this time, we study a passage from the Bible and discuss how it applies to our lives. These discussions are very thought provoking and have us look at ourselves to see how we can be more like Christ.

Bible Study

Second, we meet on Wednesday nights (prior to Kids Club) at 6:00pm. This is a time where we study more in depth the passage that was discussed in the Sunday sermon. We gain a better understanding of what Jesus is saying to us and can ask questions about the sermon during this time.

Both of these study times are for us to get to know one another and help each other as we get to know Jesus more. We even have some fun as we are studying the Bible!

Adult Ministry!

We are excited for you to come! Everyone is welcome! If you want more information please ask us.

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